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Born in St. Louis Park and lived there nearly 28 years but has been living in Hopkins since 2008. Eric's hopped around two years or so at a time in Loring Park, Laurel Village, Snellby, Whittier, and Golden Valley. He works in downtown Minneapolis. On Twitter as @xeoth.

Map Monday: Two Minnesota Cities Are About To Swap Borders

On the week of October 19th, and 20th, the city councils of Hopkins and Saint Louis Park voted to do something exceedingly rare in Minnesota. The two city councils voted to go through with redrawing the city borders, annexing land from the other city. On paper, initially, Hopkins comes out on top gaining about 3 additional acres […]

Map Monday: Urban Heat islands of the U.S ranked

A doctoral student at the UGA, Neil Debbage, led a study trying to determine with urban forms affected urban heat islands the most. The study also ranked the urban heat islands of the U.S. Researchers found no one size fits all urban model where the advice to build more dense or build more sprawling would solve […]

Chart of the Day: TIF Comparison for Minneapolis and selected suburbs

Tax increment financing (TIF) is funding mechanism used by cities to aid redevelopment. Controversial at times, some cities make greater use of it than others. Over the years, Minnesota’s laws regarding how TIF can be used have changed. Cities with significant redevelopment areas tend to make greater use of TIF than more stable cities. Example: In the agenda for Saint […]

Map Monday: Agricultural Ecosystems of the Lower 48

I came across a post reporting a recent study on U.S. farm data and found a dramatic loss in crop diversity, as the study then points out lack of crop diversity has implications with how farms handle evolving climates. This map was used to breakdown the U.S into agricultural resource regions.   Minnesota is one […]

A New Meadowbrook Regional Park

Much as Minneapolis has turned back to the Mississippi River, different cities and groups are turning back towards Minnehaha Creek, gathering up land that would have fallen prey to developers. I’ve had a fantasy that a new regional park could be cobbled together from this patchwork to make the first regional park in the inner […]