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Jenny Werness

About Jenny Werness

Jenny is a carfree, bicycling, tree-loving St. Paul resident, with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. She believes that our rapidly changing climate should be of utmost concern to all of us. Board of Directors of, 2021-2022 & 2019-2021; Climate Committee Founding Member; Editor-in-Chief.

Creek in woods with green-headed duck in middle

Bicycle Commuting and the Friends We Make Along the Way

I regularly wave at a trail-friend or observe an animal-friend in the woods as I bike to work. It’s one of those little things that highlights how different bicycling is compared to driving. I move more slowly, I have the opportunity to see more things, and there’s no windshield to obscure a smile or wave. […]

La Dona

Today! Happy Hour at La Doña

Reminder: Join your friends for a happy hour TODAY, Tuesday, May 28th.   La Doña Cerceveria in Minneapolis 5:30-7:30 pm Tuesday, May 28

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Sunday Summary – May 19, 2019

Every Sunday here at our longtime member and Board Secretary, Betsey Buckheit, has been cleverly summarizing the week’s posts. I’m filling in for her this week, and have categorized posts according to the core values of people-centered, future-oriented, justice-driven, and delight-cultivating. Of course, many of our posts fit into multiple categories, or might require […]

Leafed out tree surrounded by medium-sized plants, some flowers

It’s Spring! Plant a Boulevard Garden

Walking and bicycling through my neighborhood has given me a deeper appreciation of the many gardeners who work to add beauty and resiliency to our world. I started noticing the strips of curbside gardens, and occasionally stopped to chat with folks while they were out planting. I enjoyed watching the plants sprout, bloom, feed bees, […]

Path underwater, with "path closed" sign in front

The Flooding of the Saint Paul Riverfront

As our record-setting snows this winter melt into the rivers, we’re seeing flooding happening throughout Minnesota. As of Friday, there were bridge closures in Jordan, Chaska, and St. Peter, as well as many other road closures. In Saint Paul, the low-lying Water Street was flooded early in the season, closing on March 14th. As the […]

Raymond University

Spring 2019 Writers’ Workshop: April 6th

Join’s Editorial Council for the Spring 2019 Writers’ Workshop! Date: Saturday, April 6th, 11am-1pm Location: CoCreatz, Saint Paul, MN Details: Network with fellow authors and new contributors Learn things to help you contribute more effectively Brainstorm topics Meet some editors Eat food (provided!)   Directions: CoCreatz is near University and Raymond in St. Paul, close to […]

2019 03 18 Map Hopkins

Hopkins Happy Hour and Bus Trip: Saturday, March 30th

Join your friends at for a Hopkins happy hour + bus trip. In case you missed the Red Line ride, or the A Line ride, these are fun ways to learn about transit, hanging out with fellow transit nerds, and see new parts of the city that might be worth a gander. Here we’re […]

linework-type map of the Mississippi river and tributaries, with cities marked along the rivers

Map Monday: An Urban Transit-Type Portrayal of the Upper Mississippi

A cartographer living in Madison, Wisconsin, Daniel Huffman makes maps as an art form. He has created typewriter maps, a chart of islands called “Round Island,” a wine country map in the style of the Oregon Trail, an unfurled map of Lake Michigan’s shoreline and an entire series of River Transit Maps. It’s fascinating to see our waterways […]

Bar graph with seven cities, showing average commuting times from 53.8 up to 73.4 minutes. Title: How long is your daily commute?

Chart of the Day: How Long Is Your Daily Commute?

Using US Census data, Bloomberg recently published an analysis of the time we spend commuting in the US. Washington DC tops the chart of large metro areas (>10 counties; >60,000 people), with an average daily commute of 73.4 minutes. Minneapolis, MN metro area comes in seventh, with 53.8 minutes daily.     The article also […]

Transit Center

Lessons from a Cyclist’s First Bus Commute

My workplace is on an outer edge of the Twin Cities, and since it is not readily accessible via transit I had never tried to take the bus there. It would be easy to drive (and parking is plentiful), but I decided a couple of years ago that I could no longer maintain a lifestyle […]