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Junctions with History

Rondo, Downtown, West Side (West Side Flats) July 19, 2014 29 Miles Traces of history are all around us. Finding them can be a matter of unintentionally stumbling upon something or by consciously searching out plaques or markers. One can also be in the right place when a significant event occurs. The most deliberate and […]

Spruce Tree Center, Saint Paul Minnesota Painting by Carolyn Swiszcz, 2001

Midway Airport

The St. Paul Ports Authority, in concert with Metro Transit, has decided to replicate Chicago’s successful example and build a new airport at Midway. Just as Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is on the Blue Line, the new St. Paul Airport at Midway [Airport Code; SPAM] will be conveniently located at the junction of the Green Line and the […]

Chart of the Day: 747s and 777s at MSP

If you haven’t stood transfixed on a street corner gaping in awe at a Boeing 747 as it climbs up, up, and away from its terrestrial prison, you haven’t really lived. Aviation geeks have long enjoyed seeing the 747 fly in and out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, shuttling passengers between the Twin Cities and […]

Amtrak Partners with Amazon to Reduce Traveler Delay

In order to combat continuing delays being experienced on congested freight networks along the Empire Builder line, Amtrak has announced the immediate availability of a new transportation service along the corridor from the Pacific Northwest to Chicago, developed under a “skunk works” joint venture with  The new service, Point-to-Point Person-in-Package PrimeAir Program (P2P PiP […]

Chart of the Day – MSP International Destinations

Today’s chart of the day is a map of international destinations that can be reached from Minneapolis St Paul with a direct flight. This map was created by Nick P using Great Circle Mapper, and originally posted at UrbanMSP. As to the more important question: Why do [almost] all Canadian Airport identifiers start with Y.

Chart of the Day – Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Statistics

Today’s Chart of the Day is based on data from the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, showing operations (flight takeoffs and landings) and passengers (boardings and alightings) from 2003 – 2013. As can be seen, MSP peaked almost a decade ago, and traffic has been very steady. While international air travel continues to grow (especially outside […]

New Zeppelin Port Announced

The following was released to Streets.MN *************** EMBARGOED UNTIL MARCH 32, 2013 *************** In line with Minnesota’s new statewide transportation plan and the City of Minneapolis’s recent push for slow travel via streetcar, the newly formed Metropolitan Zports Commission (jointly managed by the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission and the Metropolitan Airports Commission, with a 30% […]

How a chance encounter in St. Paul almost prevented World War II

The first manned flight may have been in 559, when the Emporer’s son, Yuan Huangtou of Ye, China was forcibly strapped to a kite and set airborne from a tower. Yuan Huangtou was later executed, and this experiment did not lead to any follow-on. The French Montgolfier Brothers designed and took off in a hot-air […]