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15 things I’ve Learned in 1500 Miles of Stroller Running

It’s way easier to get a child into a stroller than a car seat. Most Minnesota drivers ignore the crosswalk laws. But they’re more likely to stop for you when you have a stroller. There are two interpretations of this pattern. Strollers genuinely make you more visible. Or, there’s a lot of chosen ignorance of […]

Questioning Our Pedestrian Lives

Part 1 in a series on pedestrian laws and practices across jurisdictions. To help with the discussion, please take this short survey. Results will be shared in Part 2. I don’t recall if he was more Eric Estrada or Barney Fife as he peered from his patrol car, but he told us we’d been riding on the wrong side […]

An Introduction to Run Commuting

Long before Minneapolis/St. Paul was judged the 1st or 2nd or 13th best city in America for biking, it was recognized by Runners World in the 1990s as America’s 2nd best running city. Rankings change to sell magazines, but it’s still true. The Twin Cities are a great running city, and they’re a great area […]