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Freeway At Night

The Tower Lights of the Freeways

The Moonlight Towers While traveling along the freeways you may have noticed that some lights are mounted on huge towers rather than short poles. The idea of lighting a large area with high-mounted lights dates from the dawn of the electrical era, with carbon arc lights. Here’s one from San Jose. And here is one […]

The Overhead Streetlights of Local Streets, Part 1

Previously I wrote about streetlights, with a special emphasis on the freeways since these were about to be converted to LED. Now Xcel Energy has announced 100,000 local streetlights in its service area will be converted, so it is time to look at some of these. The NEMA Lights In the early days, every manufacturer […]

Chart of the Day: Street Lighting and Safety Perception

This chart’s methodology might not be that great, but it’s studying the¬†oft-overlooked topic of street lighting. Check it out: The chart is from the Minnesota Daily, where issues around public safety have been on the radar following a few crime incidents. Here’s what¬†Elizabeth Smith, the Daily writer, has to say: An estimate in July 2014 […]