Sunday Summary – May 11, 2014

sunday-summary-logoHappy Mothers’ Day!  I was pleased to see the Google doodle for today shows Mom on her bike with the kids during National Bike Month (and a cargo bike would be an excellent Mothers’ Day gift!).

Conversation starters this week:

  •  The Answer Won’t Be Found Further on Down the Road is about one writer’s car independence in South Minneapolis with comments discussing transportation choice (and how free it is), densifying suburbs, elitism and more.
  • Promote Vehicular Cycling. Really? tries to reframe the discussion around the safety of US roads for any vehicle, but generates discussion vehicular cycling, when/where/whether separate facilities are needed, the importance of cars and more.
  • Seven Types of Urban Redevelopment Sites not only identifies types, but proposes a hierarchy in which they should develop (and some possible tools to guide this process). Policy-makers should be reading the discussion generated in the comments about redevelopment policy, time-frame and the necessity of dealing with the project on the table right now.

Particular places: 4th Street is the Key to a Walkable Saint Paul builds on the recent Future of Fourth Street event (part of Twin Cities Bike Week festivities) to look at future changes to 4th Street as a place where concentrated investment could make a huge difference in connecting Saint Paul’s downtown.  The Great Divide looks at the Cedar Lake Trail rail corridor/I-394 chasm across the Twin Cities.

Visuals: Sunday Sketch – The Mortality of Cars shows visually fascinating but functionally useless cars, while The Avidors on Minneapolis Saint Paul is a short video about the Sunday Sketcher Ken Avidor and his wife Roberta (also an artist) and their car-free lifestyle in Saint Paul (except for the sketches of cars, of course).  The Friday Photo – Pothole or Porthole? might lead to some additional subject matter for the Avidors.  Charts of the Day  continue to break out bits of MnDOT’s Annual Transportation Performance Report: VMT (that’s vehicle miles traveled), Speed of Corridors in Greater Minnesota, and jurisdictions with adopted Complete Streets policies (see Part 1 and Part 2 of a series on implementing Complete Streets, too).

Continuing themes and series:  A new addition to the Historyapolis Project (earlier posts here): The Latest from Historyapolis: Why Sewers are Great.  CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax is a detailed response from 8th Ward Council representative Elizabeth Glidden about the decision to demolish 2320 Colfax (see earlier posts + discussion on from March and April). Thanks to’s Janne Flisrand (you can see Janne in action on her bike at mpr) for asking Council members for comments.  Cycling’s Stiff Competition in Zurich (Switzerland) is the next city reviewed in the 2014 EU Bicycling Information Collection Initiative series (following SevilleFerraraBerlin and Munich).  

Have a good week on the streets on Minnesota or wherever you may be!

Betsey Buckheit

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