Author: Kirsten Delegard

Kirsten Delegard

Kirsten Delegard is the director of the Historyapolis Project in the history department at Augsburg College. For more information about this effort to make the city's history more accessible for a broad audience, check out our website at Or "like" the Historyapolis Project on Facebook.

Map of 1889 Sewers in Minneapolis

The Latest from Historyapolis: Why Sewers are Great

Today’s Historyapolis blog post was contributed by Kevin Ehrman-Solberg, a senior history major at Augsburg College.  This 1889 maps shows the sewer system of Minneapolis. Today Minneapolitans take safe drinking water and flushing toilets for granted. During the Gilded Age, however, city-dwellers were not so fortunate. Like cities around the world, Minneapolis was grappling with […]

Lost Neighborhoods and Forgotten Archives

It’s map Monday.  Today we have a map from the Minneapolis City Archives, a little known repository of our community history. This map shows plans to destroy an upscale Victorian neighborhood that had its glory years when Minneapolis was in its infancy. Today there is no trace of its curving streets and gingerbread-ornamented wooden homes. […]

“The mixture of races in this district is detrimental”: North Minneapolis in the 1920s

This “Social Composition of North Side Neighborhoods”  provides a window on urban planning in Minneapolis in the 1920s. The primitive diagram shown here was drawn by a researcher associated with the Women’s Cooperative Alliance, which assembled an encyclopedic analysis of moral conditions in the city in 1925. The Cooperative Alliance was a consortium of women’s […]

“They Know they are Undesirable as Neighbors”

On December 3, 1920, the Secretary of the Minneapolis branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People penned a letter to her organization’s headquarters in New York City. She was writing to request any literature available on “residential segregation. Especially court decisions.” Two weeks earlier, this small chapter of the national civil […]

The President Streets

It’s map Monday. And of course, it’s also President’s Day. So here we have a detail from an 1885 map of Northeast Minneapolis that focuses on the President Streets. Most Minneapolitans know this neighborhood in Nordeast, where you can learn your presidents–and the order in which they were elected–by walking east on Broadway. The street […]