Sunday Summary – October 15, 2017

A light week here on as we cruise toward Minneapolis and Saint Paul elections, Halloween, and mittens. Check out our events calendar for things to do around the metro related to transportation and land use from tours to lectures to meetings.

Big ideas

Eric Saathoff considers The Next Chapter for Seeger Square which is now an “unsightly strip mall in the East Side’s Payne-Phalen neighborhood [which] sits on the former site of a major job center, whose departure precipitated an economic downturn that has not yet ended. This location is poised to have major transit improvements and could be positioned to breath life into the neighborhood once again. The post includes historical photos from the days of the Seeger Refrigerator Company through the present day and thinks through development options with a particular focus on transportation.

What the Minneapolis Election Means for Urbanism according to Doug Trumm.  The post looks at the status quo and current projects (with some comparison to Seattle where the author now lives), then considers how the newly elected (or re-elected) Mayor and Council could guide urbanist solutions in transit and housing in particular.

Quick looks and long walks

Walk: Max Hailperin continues to cover all of Minneapolis in alphabetical order. This week, continue the “C’s” with him in Corcoran, Day 1 and more history, architecture, and interesting details you probably haven’t noticed.

Look: Chart of the Day: US Apartment Occupancy Leaders, Q3 2017 showing the Twin Cities “leading the country in rental market tightness.”

Click: National Links: Autonomous Cars, Blade Runner Urbanism, and Bad London Air from The Direct Transfer connecting you with some of the most interesting stuff around the internet.


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