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Map Monday: Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Age 60+ Years

To review: my first in the series, Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Density of People of Color.

My second in the series, Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Income Less Than $50K.

I also want to include Three Rivers Park District’s map for their 2030+ vision because it also is a map of Hennepin Minus Minneapolis, but instead of having demographic data that map shows Hennepin’s development pattern in the next 20 years. Go check it out too.

Today, the last of the Hennepin Minus Minneapolis maps of underserved demographic groups produced by Three Rivers Park District’s Visitor Inventory, this last map is of people Age 60+ Years.

Rest of Hennepin, Age 60+ by acre

Rest of Hennepin, excluding Minneapolis, Age 60+ people by acre

Let’s compare with the previous two Hennepin Minus Minneapolis maps posts from previous weeks (People of Color, and Income below $50K). Golden Valley, Edina, and Saint Anthony Village no longer stand out from the rest of the first tier communities when we look at concentrations of people older than age 60. Even the second tier communities are starting to match the first tier communities here. It looks like, in general, there is small north-south difference in Bloomington where the further north a neighborhood is the more likely the neighborhood is younger households.

Interesting phenomenon of the first tier communities was that they not only built senior apartments, they built neighborhoods where certain senior housing was concentrated together with other senior housing. I wonder if second tier communities will continue with that or if city planning trends are drifting away from large neighborhood concentrations of senior units?

These maps of Hennepin county’s park, trails, and preserves overlaid with demographic data helps inform how particular groups are able or unable to take advantage of our resources. I’m really glad Three Rivers created them for their 2040 system survey, (go click on that link and take the survey!) it helps see how Hennepin County’s demographic patterns are changing without getting distracted by changes happening in Minneapolis.

What do patterns do you see when you compare the three underserved demographic maps?

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