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Sunday Summary – July 21, 2019

What better way to summarize last week on than by providing The One Answer to Every Dangerous Street ConcernLou Miranda gives a simple answer – drive slower – to solve multiple problems.  Check out the comments for some limitations to the simple strategy.  And here’s the rest of the week:


Trail improvements

Eric Saathoff gives some suggestions for Updating the Bruce Vento Trail.  Some small improvements to streets crossings, ramps, and bridges would be a big safety improvement for trail users.

We Can Make A North Cedar Lake Trail Crossing Safer With Just Paint says Eric Anondson and he sketches what he has in mind.  First, however, the post provides extensive history for how W. 36th Street and the trail crossings got to be the way they are.

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W 36th St buffered bike lane concept to shorten the North Cedar Lake Trail crossing

Highways and what’s alongside them

Monte Castleman continues the story of Highway 100 A History of Highway 100 Part Two: The Parks of Lilac Way (click here for Part One) with a detailed look at the parks along the highway over time, “Today all traces of the historic highway have been replaced in the names of progress. But small portions of the parks remains. If you have a spare Saturday they’re well worth a visit, especially in the spring with the smell of lilacs in the air.”

Interpretive signs

Lilac Park Interpretive signs

Saint Paul streets

A Few Streets St. Paul Would Be Better Off Without according to Dan Marshall (besides Ayd Mill Road since you can read other things about Ayd Mill Road by other writers) saying, “Here in Saint Paul we pretty much stopped building new roads half a century ago. The problem is, there seems to be a law of nature that once those roads are built, they can never be unbuilt, even if they no longer serve any useful purpose.” See the post for his list and the comments for some discussion about sidewalks.

To celebrate the 5th birthday of the Green Line, Alicia Valenti outlines 5 Ways to Improve the Central Corridor for Everyone. The quick list is to make walking more convenient, make biking safer, speed up the Green Line (with benefits to other routes), calm the traffic, and get rid of the traffic. The many comments debate some of the specifics for how to accomplish those things, signal priority, and large vehicles in cities.

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The swing bridge viaduct across Water Street. In early July, 2019, the street was still closed due to spring flooding.

Regular features

Walk! Walking All the Streets of Logan Park, Day 2 with Max Hailperin.

Link: National Links: How to Pick an Amazon HQ with more carefully curated links from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

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