North 1st Street looking south toward 4th Avenue North in 1920

Historic Paving Tour of the Minneapolis Warehouse District – Sunday, May 16th

Minneapolis has oft been accused of not having done enough to preserve its historic structures, particularly in reference to the loss of the Gateway District, and especially when contrasted with successful efforts to save ornamentally clad buildings in Saint Paul. The jeers have endured decades of evolution or devolution in the Twin Cities, depending upon varying degrees of magnification and myopia. One element of the built environment that rarely enters the conversation on preservation or the walking experience is historic infrastructure; and it’s a noteworthy urban element for which Minneapolis has done more than most of its peer cities.

Join Sunday, May 16th at 11:00am for a walking tour of historic paving surfaces in the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District. We will view brick and granite street and alley surfaces, while reflecting upon paving materials of preference throughout the city’s growth from railways to freeways. We will also discuss how these corridors either (likely) endure for generations or find themselves at risk of erasure. I will double back on my well-received walking tour of historic paving in April 2019, which was a collaboration with Hennepin History Museum, to offer expanded insights that I have gained through subsequent research.

Start time is set for 11:00am, outside Rise Bagel Co. (530 N. 3rd St., main entrance off 6th Ave. N). Please register for the event in advance. Donations appreciated – pay what you like. All are welcome. Considering new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, proper wearing of masks will be required while indoors or within close proximity of others during the tour.

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Christian Huelsman leads the Minneapolis Alley Initiative for Neighborhood Stimulation, a personal creative hub promoting public alleys as venues for art and culture. He also leads Spring in Our Steps, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit committed to bringing a brighter future to the city’s public alleys and stairways, through cleanup, programming, and advocacy initiatives.

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