Author: Angelina McDowell

Streets Board Jan 2018

Thinking of Joining Just Do It!

I joined the board in 2017. After the election I was seeking more opportunities to become a more active member in my community and be an agent of change. Prior to joining I was just gaining experience of what it was like to be on a Neighborhood Association board. I was just newly […]

NoMi Love: Flowers for the Fourth Precinct

A few weeks ago while picking up flowers for some new neighbors, my son was insistent on my getting flowers and cookies for the police officers. He really wanted to give the police officers flowers and cookies because in his words, “they help us.” We live blocks away from the Minneapolis 4th Precinct. The precinct […]

NoMi Love

Hello community! My name is Angelina and I recently joined the board. I am a resident of the Northside – Near North/Old Highland neighborhood. I grew up most of my life here in North Minneapolis and I am a North High School Alumni. Go Polars! In 2015 my family was proud to make […]