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National Links: The High Cost of Driving

Looking toward a sustainable future? Look internationally, to Indonesia’s decision to move its capital from a sinking city, Helsink’s plans to build underground and Toronto’s ambitious subway line

Last Chance for Hennepin Ave S Reconstruction Comments!

It’s Hennepin Week here on and I am here to remind you that your voice does, in fact, matter! The deadline for comments on Hennepin Reconstruction is 1/28 (that’s today!), and we need everyone who cares about building better and safer streets to submit a comment! We know the voices complaining about car storage […]

graphic showing hennepin design with dedicated bus lane, protected bikeway

Reclaiming Hennepin’s Promise

I was excited to live on a super-walkable street. After I moved in, I realized the unpleasantness of Hennepin between Franklin and Lake.

Street at Washington and SE Harvard

Washington Avenue Cannot Tell a Lie

The changes proposed to Hennepin Ave are similar to changes made to Washington Ave years ago. Read about lessons we could learn from the recent past.

Lots to Love About the Hennepin Avenue Reconstruction

Starting in 2024, the City of Minneapolis will reconstruct Hennepin Avenue from Lake Street to Douglas Avenue. In line with the City’s progressive climate, transportation and comprehensive plans, Public Works has recommended a redesign of Hennepin Avenue that puts the climate and people walking, biking and rolling first. In this post, I will highlight some […]

Blaisdell Bike Lane Closed Ahead Sign

Minneapolis Should Open the Protected Bike Lanes on Blaisdell Avenue

Cyclists and pedestrians: Email Minneapolis City Councilmembers and the staff associated with the Blaisdell protected bike lanes. Urge them to keep you safe on our streets year-round and to hold staff accountable to following the city’s Complete Streets policy.