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Sunday Summary – June 24, 2018

Here’s last week on streets.mn: Minneapolis 2040, the conversation continues Christa Moseng continues her Arguments Against Minneapolis’s Draft Comprehensive Plan, Addressed (Part II)  Part I addressed density arguments, this week the goal is to refute arguments that the Comp Plan guidance to build more densely won’t address housing affordability as well as concerns about aesthetics […]

My First Bikepacking Trip! Part 3 of 3

Start at the beginning, with My First Bikepacking Trip! Part 1 of 3 (which also has the map of our route), and then read the middle, My First Bikepacking Trip! Part 2 of 3, before this one.  We woke up at sunrise with trumpeter swans and many nice songbirds greeting the morning. We needed to be on the […]

my bike is laying on its side near a tree, taking a nap.

Sunday Summary – June 10, 2018

If you haven’t already responded (or would like to answer again – as many times as you wish) to streets.mn’s group brainstorming to update our mission statement, Please do Help streets.mn Change and Thrive — What are your Place-Values?   Tell us what you dream and fill in the blank: “I want to live in a place […]

My bike, all packed up!

My First Bikepacking Trip! Part 1 of 3

We were looking for a camping trip to take over Memorial Day weekend, one that could get us into the woods and out of the city. Ideally, one that would put us a fair distance away from anyone else at all. But, we didn’t want to rent a car just to park it for a […]