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two hammocks, a tent, and a bike leaning against a tree.

Bikepacking Is Great

I went bikepacking again! That makes Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, the perfect bookends to summer for bikepacking. Our destination this time was a hike-in site at beautiful Afton State Park. We weighed the pros and cons of taking such a roundabout route, and decided that this route was better than the one […]

Podcast #93: Visiting Minneapolis’ Lost Skid Row with James Eli Shiffer

Hello! This week’s podcast is a conversation with James Eli Shiffer, a writer and editor at the Star Tribune, about his recent book the King of Skid Row: John Bacich and the Twilight Years of Old Minneapolis. The book is an in-depth account of Shiffer’s research into the old Gateway area of downtown Minneapolis, centered […]