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Life Expectancy Map

Map Monday: Twin Cities Metro by Life Expectancy

Check out this new mapping project from Quartz, showing the average life expectancy for every zip code in the US. [You can search any city in the state or the country using the map!] The differences in life expectancy are striking, and nowhere more so than right in Saint Paul. The Quartz team found that […]

East Side Freedom Library, 1105 Greenbrier Street

Sunday Summary – July 17, 2016

It has been a busy week on streets.mn as our writers have begun to respond to recent events from the the horrifying to the fun, plus the usual assortment of posts about our cities. Streets.mn welcomes new writers and would very much like to publish posts about current events (or any other transportation and land […]

Chart of the Day: Racial Inequality in Wealth over Time

People often talk about income inequality, but wealth inequality is its cumulative effect (compounded by things like real estate value and other assets). When you start talking about wealth, race, and real estate, society get problematic really quickly. Here’s a chart: This is via some website called datatools: In 1963, the average wealth of white families was $117,000 […]

Sunday Summary – March 8, 2015

Since it is March with its basketball madness, streets.mn is looking to create its own March tournament bracket with streets.m(ad)n(ess) – Call for Nominations.  Commenters have been nominating a variety of projects and developments, but the Green Line seems to be an early favorite. Current events Putting the Target Layoffs Into Perpsective defuses panic following the news […]

The Right Scale for Thinking Inequality

Two weeks ago, the Atlantic published a short (and facile) post called “the Miracle of Minneapolis” that (as is the way of media circles in insecure places) launched itself right onto the forefront of the Twin Cities social media scene. And, with good reason, the article re-kindled conversations about racial disparities that have been going on for […]