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Walking All the Streets of Southern Morris Park

The Morris Park neighborhood extends as far south as any in Minneapolis, and it is among the few that includes a portion south of the Crosstown Highway (Minnesota 62). My second walk in the neighborhood started and ended in that southernmost section, which skirts around an Air Force Reserve base on the northern edge of […]

Walking All the Streets of Northern Morris Park

One might think the Morris Park neighborhood is named for the park within it, Morris Park. One would be wrong. The park is a comparative newcomer, named for its proximity to the Morris Park School. Which in turn is named for the neighborhood. Which is named for its northeastern portion, the Morris Park Addition to Minneapolis. Neither […]

Art Deco Tatoo Parlor

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Keewaydin

Near the lake, where I previously walked, Keewaydin’s streets are rarely horizontal or vertical on the map. Between 28th and 34th Avenues South, though, all the orientations are nice and tidy. Enough to bore a cartographer. Perhaps that’s why whoever platted the neighborhood decided to have some fun with the spacing. A double-wide block? Sure, perfect […]

Walking All the Streets of Southern Hale

Previously I walked the portion of the Hale neighborhood north of 52nd Street, so I focused on the south this day, starting and ending at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 53rd Street. The light blue tint in the route map shows the full neighborhood. If you look closely, you’ll see I briefly left Hale at […]

Walking All the Streets of Northern Hale

Visiting neighborhoods in alphabetical order generally means jumping around, often to quite different areas. But the Hale neighborhood is due east of Fulton (where I last walked), so I experienced some definite continuity. Not that the two neighborhoods are contiguous: Lynnhurst, Tangletown, and Page intervene. But the mere fact of being equally far south implies the neighborhoods […]

Walking All the Streets in Northern Field

South Minneapolis’s Field neighborhood extends eastward from Interstate 35W to Chicago Avenue and northward from Minnehaha Creek to 46th Street, as shown by the blue tinting in the following map. My first day’s stroll through horticulture and history started and ended on 46th Street, from Clinton Avenue (A) to 3rd Avenue (B). The five spurs […]

Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 3)

Having walked the eastern, park-dominated part of the Ericsson neighborhood on day 1 and half of the west on day 2, I was ready to finish off the rest of the west. In the route map below, the light blue tint indicates the full neighborhood, the dark blue line indicates the circuitous main path between two stops on the […]