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Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 2)

As on my first day in the Ericsson neighborhood, the blue tinted area on the route map shows the full neighborhood, whereas the heavier blue and red lines show where I walked this day. (The blue line shows the main loop, starting and ending on 42nd Street East at Nokomis Avenue South. The red lines show […]

Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 1)

The Ericsson neighborhood in south Minneapolis lies between Cedar and Hiawatha Avenues, with its southern border on Minnehaha Parkway and its northern border a mix of 42nd and 43rd Streets. In the route map, the full neighborhood is indicated by the blue tint, while the blue line shows my main path the first day and […]

Western Diamond Lake

A beautiful spring day welcomed me back to the Diamond Lake neighborhood. Having walked nearly everything east of Portland Avenue on my first three days, I was able to focus on the area to the west. This avenue makes a natural dividing line because the areas to the west were platted and developed separately from those to the […]

Northeast Diamond Lake

Returning to the Diamond Lake neighborhood for a third day, I took a circuitous loop (shown in blue, with supplemental spurs shown in red) through the northeastern corner of the neighborhood. In addition to the neighborhood boundaries of 55th Street and Cedar Avenue, this area is shaped by two parks: Lake Nokomis Park on the northeast and Edward C. Solomon […]

Southeast Diamond Lake

In the 1950s, houses took root where peonies had grown. In the 1960s, Highway 62 separated a couple blocks of Minneapolis from the rest. Other city territory was ceded to the airport. And in 2017, my six-mile walk through the southeastern portion of the Diamond Lake neighborhood wound its way through all of this. The […]

North Central Diamond Lake

The Diamond Lake neighborhood is in Minneapolis’s southernmost tier, running generally from 55th Street East to 62nd Street East. The west-to-east extent of the neighborhood is even greater than the seven blocks it stretches from north to south. The western border is Interstate 35W and the eastern border is generally Cedar Avenue. That makes for […]

The Way of Paving

In 1893, Court Avenue in Bellefontaine, Ohio became the first American street paved with concrete. George Bartholemew is still celebrated for his “artificial stone” pavement. Bartholemew convinced the Bellefontaine City Council to try it around the Logan County Court House by posting a bond that guaranteed the pavement would last at least five years. The […]