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Chart of the Day: Twin Cities Rental Vacancy versus Average Rents

Via the Star Tribune’s Editorial page, here’s a chart from the Met Council’s latest report on housing trends. It shows the average rents charted against the ever-tightening rental vacancy rate: Here are the key points from the report about this chart: The region’s rental vacancy rate has been under 5% since the fourth quarter of […]

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Chart of the Day: Saint Paul Average Rent by Unit Size

Here’s a info-packed chart from Saint Paul’s latest Marketwatch report — this one subtitled “Trends in the unsubsidized multifamily rental market” — showing average rents for different apartments of different sizes, along with the 60% AMI level for the city. Voila: The full document, available here, has a lot more charts about the state of […]

Chart of the Day: Twin Cities Rents Versus Vacancy

MPR News published an excellent article yesterday about the lack of housing for people with Section 8 vouchers. It contained this eye opening chart about the state of the rental market in the Twin Cities these days. Here’s a quote from the piece: Voucher holders usually have just a few months to find an apartment […]

Chart of the Day: Saint Paul Housing Cost vs. Income for Renters and Homeowners

There’s a wonderful new draft of a document called the “Housing Conditions and Trends Inventor, Needs Assessment, and Implementation Strategy” from the Saint Paul Planning and Economic Department that was released last week in conjunction with the draft Comprehensive Plan. It is chock full of housing data, including lots of information about the current state […]

Chart of the Day: US Apartment Occupancy Leaders, Q3 2017

Via Scott Shaffer on Twitter, here’s a chart for you. It shows the Twin Cities leading the country in rental market tightness, and comes from something called the RealPage and Axiometrics report on Business Wire, a BerkshireHathaway Company. Here you go! And one more for good measure. The report explains itself thusly: Among the country’s […]

I Got Kicked Out of My House — You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

I got kicked out of my house a month ago.  I was renting a little three bedroom house tucked into the armpit of a highway in southwest Saint Paul. I paid my rent on time and did all the repairs the house needed myself as things broke. I’d bill for the repair out of my […]

The Affordable Housing Income Conundrum in the Twin Cities

Seven years ago, I moved to the Twin Cities to start graduate school. The offer I received from the department was straightforward: Work with some great minds, with a full tuition benefit, and live on a fixed income for at least nine months out of the year. The income was set to about 150% of […]

Chart of the Day: Twin Cities Rental Market Stats

Citylab published an intriguing story yesterday full of some comparative charts of the renter rates from metro areas around the country. For example, here’s a list of the top and bottom cities for rental vs. home ownership:   Here’s another list showing the percentage of income spent on rent. The Twin Cities is very close […]

Chart of the Day: Housing Valuation and Leverage Ratios

Via Barry Ritholz’ blog, here’s a wonky economic chart from a recent Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco report, about the difference between this housing market and the housing bubble of the early 2000s. This chart shows both the mortgage debt-to-income ratio (which is still declining from the peak) and the house price-to-rent ratio (which […]