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The One Answer to Every Dangerous Street Concern

Every motorist has concerns when driving: This road is too curvy, that bicyclist came out of nowhere, that pedestrian shouldn’t cross the street there. Luckily, there’s a quick & easy solution to most of these concerns: Drive more slowly. Sure, we feel pressure to get places faster, pressure from the annoying driver behind us, social […]

Chart of the Day: Deaths per Billion Miles Travelled, US vs Others

Here’s a chart from a recent New York Times op-ed column comparing the United states to a few other countries. Long story short, we have not made much progress in the last 20 years about improving our road safety. Here’s the chart: The Times piece lists a few reasons for this relative lack of progress, […]

Chart of the Day: US Speeding-related Fatalities by Speed Limit and Land Use

Here’s the most interesting chart IMO from the recent NTSB report on the connection between speeding and fatal crashes in the US. The report is lengthy, and tends to focus on automobile crashes on highways, but there are some interesting takeaways. Here’s the chart itself [emphasis mine]: Here’s how the report describes the data behind […]

Chart of the Day: Pedestrian Crash Survival Rates by Age and Speed of Car

Simply put, pedestrian safety is basic physics. The fundamental relationship here is really not that complicated, and there have been lots of charts showing the correlation between speed and fatality in crashes. But these charts, via Streetsblog, are the best that I’ve seen yet, and they throw in the added variable of the age of the […]