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The Saga of the Stop Sign at 14th and Fremont

Saturday afternoon–as far as I can remember, the stop sign is standing. Sunday–it started innocently enough, someone hit the stop sign at the corner of┬áNorth 14th Avenue and Fremont Avenue North over night, and yours truly took this picture. “Think it’s the result of distracted walking?”, my transportation-nerd friends chuckled politely. (In hindsight, someone called […]

The Four-Way Stop that Almost Is

Shortly after moving into my house on 10th Avenue and 25th Street in South Minneapolis, I noticed that there seemed to be an inordinate amount of honking coming from the intersection. Not even kidding, as I typed┬áthat sentence a long blaring horn sounded from the corner outside. Several times an hour, it was HONK HONK […]

Trail Users Shouldn’t Have to Stop

Can we have an honest conversation about stop signs for trail users? I take the Greenway from Whittier to St. Louis Park every weekday, and one of the very worst parts of my commute is where I cross Humboldt and Irving avenues, as illustrated below: I bet you can guess why: it’s because of those […]