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Why Aren’t There More Crashes at the Airport?

If you have ever witnessed first-hand the glorious vehicular chaos that is dropping off or picking up someone up at a major airport terminal, you may have wondered how there’s not constant, complete system breakdown. This video of LAX illustrates nicely just how many moving parts there are all around at an airport drop off. […]

Three Urban Design Lessons from Sweden

OK. I admit that the last thing this website needs is another post about the greatness of Europe. Surely, Minnesotan urban nerds are saturated with this stuff by now. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, blah blah blah. How fancy all that sounds from far away Saint Paul! How nice it must be to walk around and drink […]

Traffic Calming will be the Secret to Green Line Success

[Originally published on Twin City Sidewalks.] “It almost feels like living in Europe.” he told me. I was standing on the Hamline Avenue platform this weekend, chatting with another man waiting for the Westbound train. It was around sunset, just past the passing of a rainstorm. It was just the two of us. “Honestly, this […]