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Chart of the Day: Minnesota Gasoline Prices, 2017-2019

Here’s a chart from a recent Star Tribune article about the price of gasoline. It’s not a great chart, but you can look at it anyway: First, here’s the article’s main point, which is about how price per gallon has dipped below $2: The lowest price anywhere in Minnesota on Thursday was $1.88 per gallon […]

Chart of the Day: US Vehicle Distance Travelled, October

Via City Observatory, here’s a chart that shows a great proxy for the annual VMT (or vehicle miles travelled). It’s pretty self-explanatory. For many years, almost since the year 2000, VMT (the total amount of driving in the country) was at a plateau. With low gas prices and a booming economy, that’s changed. The country […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis 4-year Population Growth, Young and Educated

For the first chart of 2018, I have something from the erstwhile City Observatory website, and Joe Cortright’s work there outlining demographic and housing trends. This latest is about urban growth within the educated 25-34 demographic. Here’s the chart, with Minneapolis highlighted: [Click here for the full dataset.] Cortright argues that this national trend is […]

Chart of the Day: Projected Decline of Individual Car Ownership

Here’s an eye-opening chart for your Thursday. It comes from a RethinkX (a think tank) report released earlier this Spring. The report is titled “Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030: the disruption of transportation and the collapse of the internal-combustion vehicle and oil industries.” The chart shows a projected shift away from individual car ownership and to something […]

Map of the Day: Metro Housing Price Changes over Time

Via the Washington Post, here’s a fun map of Minneapolis showing the percentage change in average home prices in Minneapolis (and other cities too). The map supports the basic “return to the city” argument, about how more people are moving into the urban core. Here’s the 15-year trend:   The article looks at a few […]

Chart of the Day: Climbing “Mount Auto”

Here’s a chart from the new book by streets.mn writers David Levinson and Kevin Krizek called “The End of Traffic and the Future of Transport,” all about trends that are changing how we think about transportation. I managed to get my hands on an (appropriately electronic) copy of it, and it’s full of great charts. Here’s one […]

Chart of the Day: Per Capita VMT over Time by State

Typically, we see LOS and VMT charts done nationally. Here, you can compare how these rates changed  by state: The Washington Post piece has a bunch of other charts on VMT vs. GDP which make for some interesting food for thoughts. Here’s the takeaway: Over the 2000s, 30 other states in this data no longer […]

Chart of the Day: Homeownership Over Even More Time

Bill Lindeke’s Chart of the Day from Thursday about changing homeownership rates shows what are indeed significant changes in the last decade in homeownership rates. For an even longer-term perspective, we can turn to IPUMS data from the American census. A question on homeownership has been asked in every census since 1900, with the exception […]