Sunday Summary – November 11, 2018

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Minneapolis (and the rest of the metro) 2040, the story continues

Southwest Minneapolis: Critical to Minneapolis 2040 says Anton Schieffer. Much of the opposition to Minneapolis 2040 has come from Southwest Minneapolis, where neighborhoods are safe, with good schools, and high home prices; it’s a great place to live and “pre-gentrified.” When thinking about adding housing in Minneapolis, “How do we prevent unnecessary housing pressure and displacement in neighborhoods on the edge of gentrification? Legalizing new multi-family housing in areas that cannot be gentrified, such as Southwest Minneapolis and the area near Lake of the Isles, reduces pressure to build elsewhere. Every new home we do not allow there will be built elsewhere, likely in a hip “up-and-coming” neighborhood.”

Everyone’s 2040 Plan Sucks: Julie Kosbab links the fights over fourplexes to the recent UN report on climate change to say none of the plans goes nearly far enough fast enough: “We have three city council terms, at most, to try to save everyone’s neighborhood from unparalleled climate disaster. How much of that time is going to be spent on fruitless public hearings, signs about bulldozers, and concerns about street parking?”

Renter Share Demographic Chart Update

Data from 2016 demonstrates that people of color are most likely to be renters.



Is Minnesota All Aboard for Intercity Rail? asks  as he continues his series which started with rapid transit and possible regional rail routes.  With an eye on the Northern Lights Express between the Twin Cities and Duluth, this long post covers the history of intercity rail in Minnesota, comparison to intercity buses and essential air service, a look at the Empire Builder, and a call to action for train advocates.

Minnesota Passenger Rail Map

Look, link and walk

Walk: Walking All the Streets of Humboldt Industrial Area with Max Hailperin as he walks every neighborhood in Minneapolis.

Look: One Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Citywide Activities and one Map Monday: Visualizing Twin Cities Sprawl, Density, and Change.

Link: National Links: Public Participation and more links from The Overhead Wire.

Minneapolis Greenhouse Gas Emissions


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