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Hannah Pritchard

About Hannah Pritchard

Hannah Pritchard is a pedestrian and bicycle engineer at MnDOT. Bicycle commuter, bassoonist, and cat enthusiast, Hannah has been part of the board since 2016.

Why Matters to Me

Tomorrow, November 17, 2016, is Give to the Max day, and is one of the many organizations that generous Minnesotans can support with their donations. If you don’t want to wait, you can actually schedule a gift today that will “count” for tomorrow. Click here to donate now. Now that the ask is out of […]

Franklin Ave Bridge

APBP and Joint Event – October 19th

As you are probably aware, the Franklin Avenue Bridge is finally open to all users! Early reviews have been very positive. The county is hosting an opening celebration, which is on our handy events calendar* – here! Event! But wait -there’s more – is teaming with the Minnesota chapter of APBP (which stands for the mouthful: Association […]

The Parking Ramp: As Minnesotan as Hot Dish

The other day it was hotter than it should ever be in Minneapolis, and I needed my car for work. I drove downtown and parked in Ramp C to keep it out of the sun. Otherwise, I could have prepared a tater tot hot dish inside my car by the time I got back. This experience […]

The Traffic Engineering Case for Three Lanes on 3rd Avenue

There has been a lot of discussion about the number of travel lanes needed on 3rd Avenue South lately (click here, or here). The Transportation and Public Works committee was presented with a four-lane design for the section south of 8th Street last week, and sent the matter on to City Council with “no recommendation.” […]

The Saga of the Stop Sign at 14th and Fremont

Saturday afternoon–as far as I can remember, the stop sign is standing. Sunday–it started innocently enough, someone hit the stop sign at the corner of North 14th Avenue and Fremont Avenue North over night, and yours truly took this picture. “Think it’s the result of distracted walking?”, my transportation-nerd friends chuckled politely. (In hindsight, someone called […]

Musings on Route 7

We recently moved to North Minneapolis from Detroit, Michigan (via a one-year stint in Northeast Minneapolis), and as a result, I am now a semi-regular rider of Route 7 for my daily commute. Compared to the 10 in Northeast, it’s a bit of a sleepy route, with only a 30 minute headway, and rarely is […]

Want a Car2Go “Station”? Let them know!

Car2Go made good on their threat from a few months ago and announced a reduction to their service area (or as they call it, “home area”) yesterday. Here’s the new map (effective March 15): And you can click here for more information about the new home area: With large portions of North Minneapolis and, […]