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I’m Really Disliking Traffic Engineers Today

Last Thursday afternoon I was driving westbound on West 7th Street (Highway 5) in St Paul. As I approached the crossing in front of Mickey’s Diner, I saw someone crossing in the crosswalk from Mickey’s towards the bus stop on the north side. As I watched him cross, I was thinking what an awful crossing […]

Sunday Summary – December 27, 2015

Streets.mn is caught in the Christmas vortex with only a few new posts this week, but I’ve taken the liberty of adding some links to older, but related content since easy intertextuality is one of the benefits (?) of the internet. The last minute has passed, of course, but Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite […]

Map Monday: Saint Paul Pedestrian Crashes

In honor of Saint Paul’s “pedestrian safety week,” here’s a map showing all the (reported) “pedestrian crashes” in the city for the past 10 years. This is from the city’s just released “pedestrian assessment report“: Here’s what the report says about this map: Figure 4: Pedestrian Crashes in Saint Paul, 2005-2014 – The majority of […]