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Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 1)

The Ericsson neighborhood in south Minneapolis lies between Cedar and Hiawatha Avenues, with its southern border on Minnehaha Parkway and its northern border a mix of 42nd and 43rd Streets. In the route map, the full neighborhood is indicated by the blue tint, while the blue line shows my main path the first day and […]

Chart of the Day: Metro Restaurant Trends, Chains versus Locals

Via Slate, Yelp has some fun new charts that break down restaurant ranking data according to type of establishment. They chart broad trends over time that show online reviewers are more and more likely to be critical of chain restaurants and positive about local or independent restaurants. Here’s are the Twin Cities trendlines: The point […]

A Walk in Eastern Como

Much of the Como neighborhood lies between two diagonal sets of railroad tracks. The more northerly was originally the Northern Pacific, while the more southerly was the Great Northern. Today both belong to BNSF. (I previously photographed these tracks running southeast out of Northtown Yard in Columbia Park, adjacent to the Shoreham Yard interchange.) The one exception […]

Walking in Western Como

Several acquaintances, knowing that I’m walking Minneapolis’s neighborhoods, expressed confusion when I announced that Como was up next: “In Minneapolis??” Apparently the name brings St. Paul more readily to mind. St. Paul was where the name first immigrated to Minnesota, when Charles Perry in 1848 named Como Lake after Lake Como, despite the substantial differences between […]

Bryn Mawr, Day 3: Areas 3–5

Editor’s Note: Max Hailperin is walking each of Minneapolis’ 87 neighborhoods, in alphabetical order. He chronicles his adventures at  allofminneapolis.com and we’re sharing them here at streets.mn, at a pace of one or two walks per week. Having used days one and two to visit the portions of Bryn Mawr that are south of Interstate 394, […]

Street Connections

How important are connections between inside and out? Panino’s, a place my wife and I enjoy eating at fairly often, recently expanded into the space next door. The original space was kind of a quirky collection of areas but it worked and felt comfortable. Unfortunately the new space is a giant windowless sterile echo chamber […]