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a stick figure of me and my bike superimposed on the intersection described

Getting Lost Going Straight

Tonight I rode my great new winter bike home from the bike shop. I’m not too familiar with most anything south of the Greenway and west of the River, but I got directions to the Hiawatha LRT Trail, and figured I was set from there. “Just head north on the trail ’till I know where […]

New Signs Encourage Walking along the Green Line Corridor

This week, signs are being installed along the Green Line corridor that are meant to encourage more walking to and from the light rail. Here’s how they got there. How the project came up My wife and I moved to St Paul in 2013, buying a condo on Grand Avenue close to Hamline. Despite living […]

The Art of a Downtown

I challenge you, the next time you are strolling Main Street, Anywhere, to look for art. Not just the obvious, as in art created as art. But art that weaves itself into the streetscape, into the fabric that defines a downtown. Notice the colors, the textures, the fonts, the shapes—all those details that we often […]