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Hiawatha Trail and Green Line

Supposed Safety Measures Test My Patience

Green Line signal timing and Green Line safety – especially for human-powered and potentially impatient users – are old news on streets.mn. Today, I point out an as-yet unmentioned crossing design that is begging for trouble. I regularly observe the Green Line crossing of the Hiawatha bike trail as part of my daily commute. When I end up […]

Speeding Up the Green Line

The Green Line’s on-time performance is poor. Few trains are able to meet the already relaxed running time. Lateness of 5 minutes is typical and 12 minutes not uncommon. After almost a month of late and erratically timed trains, it’s clear that unnecessarily restrictive traffic signals in St. Paul are the culprit. In contrast, Minneapolis […]

Signal Priorities Should Signal Priorities

Signal timing makes a huge difference. As the Green Line planners are just discovering in Saint Paul, how we prioritize different modes at intersections can make the trip between downtowns last over an hour, or we can cut that time in half by prioritizing trains at busy corners. It’s a matter of priorities. Similar problems arise with pedestrian […]