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Chart of the Day: Speed Kills

We’ve seen a version of this chart before on streets.mn, but in light of Pedestrian Safety Awareness Week in St. Paul (August 2nd – August 8th), it bears publishing again. [Source 1: Killing Speed and Saving Lives, UK Dept. of Transportation, London, England. See also Limpert, Rudolph. Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis. Fourth […]

Chart of the Day: Visual Field at Different Speeds

Last week’s post on “The Critical Ten,” the difference between driving at 20 and 30 miles per hour, generated an intriguing conversation over at Streetsblog about what, exactly, science can tell us about perception and speed. I included this chart (given to me by folks at an engineering firm), but streets.mn writer Alex Cecchini tweeted […]

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Sunday Summary – April 4, 2015

Here are the week’s posts on streets.mn smartly summarized for your reading convenience.  Madness of two kinds this week: April Fools posts and continuing the basketball-inspired, urban-themed madness continues with the outcomes in streets.m(ad)n(ess) Round 3 – The Streets Sixteen and Round 4 – The Urban Elitist Eight.  Just as you can play streets.m(ad)n(ess), there’s another opportunity for participation […]

Chart of the Day: Stopping Distance vs Speed

The art of information visualization is actually pretty interesting once you dive into it, and there’s no better way than by reading through Edward Tufte’s famous series of books on the topic. I came across this nifty analysis of how ‘stopping distance vs. speed’ charts can present information in different ways. Here’s a particularly dry […]

The Critical Ten

Compromise is the hallmark of politics, so when it comes to street design, it’s tempting to dole out design features like treats to unruly children: a new crosswalk for you, a drive-thru for you, a bike lane for you, a parking lot for you. There, now everyone’s happy! And if you’re not satisfied with the […]