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Sunday Summary – September 3, 2017

Happy September!  Labor Day weekend traditionally signals the end of summer when we get back to school and buckle down to work.  You could use your new pencils/laptop to write for streets.mn. streets.mn welcomes new writers at any time to extend current discussions, bring new perspectives to issues on streets.mn, or add new voices to […]

A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 3 – Engineering

Part two of “A New Vision Zero for St. Paul” was about the first of the “Five E’s”: Evaluation, which very quickly led to rudimentary Engineering solutions simply to gather data and attain target goals for a transportation plan. Engineering is the second of the “Five E’s”, and often the most contentious, as it often controls […]

Sunday Summary – August 20, 2017

Coming up this week is the much anticipated solar eclipse. Unfortunately, Minnesota is not in the path of totality for the eclipse, but fortunately the Federal Highway Administration has provided helpful travel and road information for those planning to go find the best viewing location. Also fortunately, you’ll be able to see the eclipse and get […]

A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 2 – Evaluation

In part one of this Vision Zero advocacy piece, I outlined “five Es” of implementing the plan: Evaluation, Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Encouragement. In this part, I will briefly touch on Evaluation, as well as how quickly it intersects with implementation and some of the other Es. Evaluation Saint Paul has taken important first steps in the […]

A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 1 – Introduction

The time has come for St. Paul to become, officially, a Vision Zero city. According to the Vision Zero city map, St. Paul is among the cities “considering”, though it is under consideration in the city’s draft 2040 Transportation Plan, which is open to comments at this time. Incidentally, the fact that any city in Florida […]

Chart of the Day: Pedestrian Crash Survival Rates by Age and Speed of Car

Simply put, pedestrian safety is basic physics. The fundamental relationship here is really not that complicated, and there have been lots of charts showing the correlation between speed and fatality in crashes. But these charts, via Streetsblog, are the best that I’ve seen yet, and they throw in the added variable of the age of the […]

Arterial Road Diets: Politically Difficult, Not Impossible

Early this week, after five days in critical care at Regions Hospital with major head trauma, Erin Elizabeth Dunham succumbed to her injuries and died. Her story is a terrible but predictable tragedy: a woman tried to cross the street in a legal marked crosswalk when one driver stopped for her but was hit by another […]

Pedestrian Crosswalk Demonstrations Show Need for Vision Zero Saint Paul

I was up bright and early Tuesday morning — actually it was DARK and early — to join a group of Highland Park residents in a demonstration of the state’s pedestrian crossing law at a mid-block crosswalk on Montreal Avenue. The roadway has recently been reconfigured, reducing the number of traffic lanes from four to three, […]