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Andrew Degerstrom

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Andrew is graduate student at the University of Minnesota in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program. He lives in the East Isles neighborhood and is active in the East Isles Residents Association where he served as President for two years. Follow him on Twitter @Volantene

Hennepin Avenue South: a Road Designed for Cars, Not People

Hennepin Avenue South, between roughly Franklin Avenue and Lake Street, is within the Pedestrian Oriented Overlay district (“PO District”). However, walking along it, you would never know. Hennepin Avenue is a road that prioritizes cars over all other users. With the recent announcement of the Hennepin South (Douglas to Lake) Reconstruction project providing the greatest […]

Advocating for Good Urbanism at City Hall: 2320 Colfax

I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about how to advocate at City Hall for good urbanism. We spend a lot of time writing good posts on Streets.MN and debating in online chatrooms, but does that really move the needle at City Hall? Meanwhile, those of a preservationist mindset are always emailing […]

Latest Dinkytown Vote Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

Between the proceedings of last cycle’s Zoning & Planning Committee meeting and full City Council meeting, I have been rather upset. Organizing my thoughts to form a coherent argument for the purpose of this post has been a real struggle. For those who have not been following this specific development proposal closely, let me provide […]

SWLRT Meetings: A Waste of Everyone’s Time

Last week, the Metropolitan Council held two town hall meetings regarding the Kenilworth studies being conducted, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Louis Park. The format of the meetings were 30 minutes for an open house with staff available to answer questions followed by two hours of a facilitator led discussion. The topics that were discussed […]