Author: Chris Keimig

Chris Keimig

Chris Keimig

Chris Keimig is a writer and teacher living in Minneapolis. He's the founder of the blog Empty Lots, a documentary photo project that examines Twin Cities transit and urban planning issues through the lens of the city's excess parking infrastructure. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota, where he also studied transit planning in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter: @chriskeimig

Poll Shows Support For Sales Tax Hike to Fund Public Transit

A new statewide poll conducted by Minnesota’s three largest Chambers of Commerce—Minneapolis, St. Paul, and TwinWest—shows for the second year in a row that support for expanding the transit system in the metro area is strong. Seventy-nine percent of respondents said that Minnesota “would benefit from having an expanded and improved public transit system, such […]

Tax Land, Not Buildings

Earlier this year, the city of Minneapolis received a grant from Met Council to study possible strategies for doing away with its over-abundance of downtown surface parking. For lots of reasons, the fact that surface parking covers one-third of the entire surface area of downtown is bad news for the city. One solution to this […]