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The Importance of Airport-Downtown Rail Connections

Direct transit links are not only good for urban quality of life but improve regional competitiveness. They should be a no-brainer. Being able to land in a city and board a train with assurance you’ll be downtown in a fixed amount of time provides peace of mind for residents, tourists and businesspeople alike. A pleasant […]

Map Monday: Noise Maps of Minnesota and the Twin Cities

A while ago I came across an interactive noise map of the globe. Punch in a location and it pops up a map. Zooming out to a state-level seems to remove the noise data, this is a large as I could screen grab. Interesting to see this above noise map rates industrial zoned for consideration […]

Why Aren’t There More Crashes at the Airport?

If you have ever witnessed first-hand the glorious vehicular chaos that is dropping off or picking up someone up at a major airport terminal, you may have wondered how there’s not constant, complete system breakdown. This video of LAX illustrates nicely just how many moving parts there are all around at an airport drop off. […]