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Winter Is Here: More Winter Biking Tips

Last month, Alicia Valenti wrote about her tips and experiences bicycling in the winter as a Minnesota transplant. “I got into summer biking and then didn’t want to stop once it got cold,” Alicia told me recently.   Like Alicia, I’m a transplant who didn’t want to stop biking once it got cold, partly because biking […]

How Accessible are Minnesota State Parks for Non-motorists?

After living in Minnesota for four years, I decided last year to focus on getting away from the metro area and exploring greater Minnesota. I also decided to take up camping for the first time since childhood in 2017. As someone who is car-free, accomplishing these goals required some creativity on my part. I purchased […]

Sunday Summary – August 20, 2017

Coming up this week is the much anticipated solar eclipse. Unfortunately, Minnesota is not in the path of totality for the eclipse, but fortunately the Federal Highway Administration has provided helpful travel and road information for those planning to go find the best viewing location. Also fortunately, you’ll be able to see the eclipse and get […]

Bemidji: A Town After my Heart

I realize that New Ulm is the urbanist’s dream and I truly do enjoy New Ulm (Herman the German – great!). However, Bemidji is giving New Ulm a run for its money. I adore Bemidji. Work travel used to take me there once or twice a year and now vacations do. Take note, urbanists! Over […]