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Minneapolis By Night

Sunday Summary – December 17, 2017

A Festive Thanks For the streets.mn Winter Fundraiser! and to all of you who attended and/or donated to streets.mn at our annual festive fundraising festivities. Although the fun is over, we still need your support to fund website upgrades and to hire a creative person to help support all our volunteer writers. There’s a newly orange […]

Sunday Summary – November 12, 2017

This past week was election day bringing new mayors to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, plus some shuffling of the Minneapolis Council and Park Board. Here at streets.mn, we’re looking forward to seeing how new policy-makers will work to change the urban landscape; we’re also looking forward to encouraging you to write about what you see […]

Saved By The Bell

Editor’s Note: One of the missing voices in bicycle planning in the Twin Cities is college students. This series aims to include the perspectives of a generation that is much less likely than their parents to own vehicles. The authors are Macalester students enrolled in the “Bicycling the Urban Landscape” course. The overarching objective is […]

Were They Wearing a Helmet?

On Sunday, an 82 year-old man was biking in Columbia Heights when a motorist hit the bicyclist with his car, killing the bicyclist. Soon after, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition tweeted the article and shared their condolences to the family. Very sad to hear that 82-yr old man was killed last week while biking at Mpls border. Thoughts […]