Author: Tyler Schow

Tyler Schow

Tyler Schow

Tyler Schow studies Communications at the University of Minnesota and is currently Communications Intern at the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

What could $6.5 million mean to Metro Transit?

If you haven’t heard, the Vikings and the Met Council looking at partnering to build a pedestrian bridge that would lead directly from the new Vikings stadium to the Track 1 platform of Downtown East station. The reason this bridge is being constructed is that on event days (let’s be real, they mean Vikings game days), a lot […]

Bird's Eye of the Hwy 100 494 Interchange

Hwy 100 and I-494 Interchange Ranked 2nd Most Iconic Place in MN

Each day 142,000 people drive through the interchange at I-494 and Highway 100 in Bloomington and Edina on their way to work, shop, or otherwise. What they don’t realize is, as of today, they are driving through the second most iconic place in the state. That’s because UrbanMSP has placed  the interchange in the number […]

Were They Wearing a Helmet?

On Sunday, an 82 year-old man was biking in Columbia Heights when a motorist hit the bicyclist with his car, killing the bicyclist. Soon after, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition tweeted the article and shared their condolences to the family. Very sad to hear that 82-yr old man was killed last week while biking at Mpls border. Thoughts […]

two-stage turn at dupont

36th and Bryant are Finally Connected

It was Spring 2015. Winter was done and my bike was ready to go. I’d heard that a two-way protected bikeway had been installed on 36th St W during the previous fall and was excited to get out and try it. I’m obsessed with bicycle infrastructure and had never ridden a two-way protected bikeway before, so this […]

9th Street Protected Lanes: Not Dead Yet

This week, 9th Street South was repaved and its lanes were painted, including a mildly buffered bike lane. Obviously, it was a disappointment to many bike advocates that the new lanes are not protected. I covered this extensively in a previous article, lamenting the fact that, if this project went forward without protected lanes, we would have […]

Washington Avenue Traffic Signal Animation

Washington Avenue’s Experimental Signals

Next* summer, Hennepin County will be reconstructing Washington Avenue S from Hennepin Avenue to 5th Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis. And to the glee of Twin Cities urbanists, it will have a cycle track, with bike paths on each side of the street raised above the roadway. Since this cycle track is a bit of a first for […]

Where Should the Orange Line Terminate?

The METRO Orange Line will be the Twin Cities Metro’s second highway bus rapid transit line, running from downtown Minneapolis to Burnsville. As seen in the project plan update, many of the line’s basic decisions have already been made. However, there are some left, including improvements to the Marq2 corridor, and the alignment of the […]