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Peter Vader, a Minneapolis resident, and Jeb Rach, a St. Paul resident, wait at the Wayzata Park & Ride for the midnight bus departing Wayzata as the operator prepares the bus for the trip. Over the weekend, Metro Transit eliminated the trip because of low ridership.

Riding the Bus with ADHD

Learn why a bus system built for the weekday, 9-to-5 commutes of “neurotypical” office workers heading downtown and back doesn’t work for everyone.

Check Yourself: Discussing Privilege

When Carol Becker posted on The Privilege of the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan, I disagreed with most of her points but I still came away with one central theme. It is clear that board member Becker does not see herself reflected in the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan¬†draft, its influences and consequences on her life are glossed over. […]