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Chart of the Day: Minnesota Electricity Sources, 2001-2017

Here’s a cool chart from the New York Times, that has interactive charts for each state showing changes in electricity sources over time. Minnesota’s chart looks like this: The Times follows up the chart with a brief caption: Coal has been the top source of electricity generated in Minnesota for the past two decades. But […]

Chart of the Day: Two Sectors of CO2 Emissions

You might have seen this chart making the rounds this week. It shows the relative size of US CO2 emissions according to electricity generation and transportation. Here’s the chart: The article, via Ritholz’ blog and Bloomberg News, talks about the reason for the shift. It has everything to do with change power grid in the […]

Map Monday: Midwestern Electricity Plants

Via the Washington Post, here’s a detail from a beautiful map of all the electricity plants in the United States, colored and sized according to type and capacity. The details for Minnesota are highlighted: I general, I guess you can say that Minnesota has a balanced energy footprint. We’re not as coal-heavy as many Midwestern states […]