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Summer 2022 Highway News Roundup

Google Maps Silliness Minnesota has about a hundred legally named highways and bridges, written into law in Minnesota Statute § 161.14. Some of the early ones like the Viking Trail and the Sioux Trail were possibly intended to mark motoring touring routes. But overwhelmingly the highways are named in memory of local politicians, veterans or […]

How to Bike to Work: A Beginner’s Guide

May in Minnesota is when bike season kicks into high gear. The weather is finally nice enough that everyone wants to be outside riding in it, and May is also the month where bike advocacy efforts bloom. Locally we celebrate Mpls Bike Month, headlined by Twin Cities Bike to Work Day on May 18th. Bike […]

Google Maps, Reviews and Other Transit Apps

Different mobile apps help us negotiate our journeys using transit, trails, walking grids, etc.  A few apps even provide reviews of different businesses from the general public or your trusted connections. There are different apps for both, but what I find most helpful is the mobile Google Maps transit option. It’s not so much just […]