Author: Ian Young

How to Bike to the State Fair

Why drive to the Great Minnesota Get-Together when the options to bus or bike are so much more fun and less stressful?

Peach tree with wildflowers

Food and Permanence

Since buying a house in 2017, I’ve been planting trees. As of today, I have added 12 trees and about 37 woody shrubs, many of which are fruit- or nut-bearing. In a few years, these should provide a cornucopia of fresh food for both us and the wildlife. Right now, though, they produce almost nothing. […]

Streets Weeds

Fun Weeds You Can Eat

The natural world is a complicated place, and to eat a weed that you’ve passed by day after day is to gain a glimpse into those depths. Plus, it’s the easiest meal you will ever gather.

Greenway Closure

Why did Centerpoint Energy Close the Greenway for 10 Days?

On July 23rd, Centerpoint Energy closed the Midtown Greenway without providing any advance notice to the users of the trail. No signage was put in place in advance of the closure, and they did not notify the Midtown Greenway Coalition. They simply erected barricades and ripped up the trail. The detour provisions provided were wholly […]

Marching Band

Everyone Walks at the State Fair

“People will walk a lot more than they say they will”—that’s the final observation in Bill Lindeke’s list from the State Fair. I was curious how much I do walk at the State Fair, so this year I took my GPS along. How much did I walk? About seven and a half miles. For most […]

How to Bike to Work: A Beginner’s Guide

May in Minnesota is when bike season kicks into high gear. The weather is finally nice enough that everyone wants to be outside riding in it, and May is also the month where bike advocacy efforts bloom. Locally we celebrate Mpls Bike Month, headlined by Twin Cities Bike to Work Day on May 18th. Bike […]

Snowbound parked cars

Winter is When We Need Alternative Transit the Most

The first blizzard this winter hit squarely over the entire workday, timing that was bad news for the plow crews trying to clear the streets in time for the city’s commuters to get home. My partner and I took a walk in the early evening and without ever making it more than four blocks from […]