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Halloween Ped Death Chart

Chart of the Day: Child Pedestrian Fatalities, 1990 – 2012 by Day of Year

Here’s an a propos chart. It shows the number of children killed by cars by day of the year: A quote about it the data: BestPlaces analyzed more than four million records of auto fatalities from the Department of Transportation Fatality Analysis Reporting System.  As the graph below shows, there have been 133 child pedestrian […]

Sunday Summary – October 28, 2018

Thinking of Joining streets.mn? Just Do It! Yes, streets.mn is looking for new board members. Board member Angelina McDowell says, “I am especially calling out those similar to myself – those with limited experience of being on a board. I got into this very “wet behind the ears” and unsure if I was doing things right. I […]

Morningside Edina Passes the Trick-or-Treat Walkability Test

How can you tell if a neighborhood is safe, friendly, walkable, & successful? Advocates for great streets & neighborhoods look for clues as to what makes neighborhoods great, so what are some clues? Kids are often used as an “indicator species”–meaning, if kids use it, it must be great–and a common test is the Trick-or-Treat […]

Top Twin Cities Urbanist Halloween Costumes for 2017!

Halloween! It’s the most urbanist holiday of them all. Sidewalks full of small ghouls and rainbow unicorn ponies and teenagers with pillowcases. Minivans driving around and parking at the ends of cul de sacs hoping for full-size candy bars, but sometimes being greeted by the neighbor who gives all the kids cans of Mountain Dew, […]

Chasin’ the Train

For best results, read this post while listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt5a-de0hhk I had a good time this Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and, donning my bird-killing Vikings’ stadium costume, I ventured out into the city atop my bicycle to take pictures of spooky houses, enjoy the kid-full sidewalks, and visit friends. I made it to a […]

Halloween is the Sidewalk Holiday

[This post first appeared on my blog, TCSidewalks.] Every holiday has its geography. Thanksgiving and Christmas are domestic. People hole up in houses, locked in living rooms, huddle with fires and TVs and set themselves against the long winter dark. Summer holidays, like Memorial and Labor days, are outside under skies and in yards or […]