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Sunday Summary – June 3, 2018

Welcome to June, but first, a look back at the last week of May on the site: streets.mn Mission Hopefully, you saw the message from the Board of streets.mn — we’re in the process of updating our mission, and we’d love your input. Please click over and share your vision for streets.mn, and also share […]

The 21st Century Southdale Vehicle Collapse

The perception that traffic congestion is worse today than in the past is a real phenomenon. Might as well call it traffic nostalgia. Plus, the perception that traffic is only going to get worse is a common objection for constructing new housing anywhere. A fourplex or daycare being proposed can bring forth primal concerns about […]

Map Monday: Minnesota’s Carbon Donut

I love interactive maps and one got my attention recently. Christopher M. Jones and Daniel M. Kammen at UC Berkeley published a study in 2013 taking data on household carbon footprints to develop carbon profiles of zip codes, cities, counties, and states. They took the carbon profile data and produced an interactive map of the […]