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An EZPass Transponder

E-ZPass Electronic Toll Collection Comes to Minnesota

Nationwide Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Interoperability has been an elusive goal for some time. In practical terms that would mean you’d be able to use your MnPASS transponder to pay tolls on a road trip to Chicago or in your rental car in Florida, and in turn, residents of those states would be able to […]

Chart of the Day: Revenue Projections from MnDOT Freeway Tolls

As far as I know, Minnesota hasn’t had tolling since the Rock Island Swing Bridge connecting Inver Grove and Newport closed in 1999. (Wow, I would have loved to have driven over that bridge, and gladly paid the 75¢ toll.) But via KARE 11, MnDOT just completed a report estimating revenues from a hypothetical freeway […]

Would You Pay $876 to Cut 6 Minutes Off Your Commute?

There were some mighty big numbers in the annual Urban Mobility Scorecard that the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and data company Inrix released Wednesday. Twin Cities residents, the study found, spent an average of 47 hours in 2014 stuck in rush hour congestion. That put us at 23rd among the 101 ranked metros. Washington, D.C., led […]