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Chris Iverson

Chris Iverson

Chris Iverson is a transportation engineer & planner for the City of Bellevue, WA and currently lives in Seattle. He holds degrees in both Civil Engineering & Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota, and worked on a myriad of transit & multimodal transportation projects in the Twin Cities. He is a former Minnesota Daily columnist, RAGBRAI participant, bad musician, marathon finisher, and an unabashed generalist.

No, Google Maps, I Cannot Bike Down A Staircase

After biking down the Dinkytown Greenway for the first time back in August, my passionate inclination toward bike infrastructure spilled to the world wide web. I wanted to see if there was some way to edit trails in Google Maps, similar to the OpenStreetMap interface where users are able to modify the map using knowledge […]

The Dinkytown Greenway Finally Pedals Forward

“It isn’t the longest bike trail in the city, but it is probably the most important.” These were the words of R.T. Rybak yesterday afternoon to the nearly 200 bicyclists at the official opening ceremony of the Dinkytown Greenway. And a bold statement such as that one deserves a seconding motion, which I will make […]

Time Lapse of the Green Line Construction

No big article today from me… but…  Here is a fun time lapse of the Green Line LRT construction on the U of M campus. All pictures were taken from the pedestrian bridge near Coffman Union looking east. (I knew this would be useful someday!) This is a work in progress. I will be adding more […]

Why I’m proud to be “offended” by the judgemental map of Minneapolis

I’m sure the frequent readers of have already viewed last week’s buzz map of Minneapolis. It depicts Minnesota’s largest city with a solid touch of satire and preconceived notion poking-fun-of. If you haven’t seen it, here it is below: Obviously, this post may make you feel differently from your next door neighbor. You may […]

March 32nd, 2113 – Met Council releases new long-range plan, called DriveMSP 2140

  (Headline from the Minneapaul Star-Pioneer) It seems like the glory days of the 1950’s aren’t gone entirely, after all. After years of changing the form, density makeup, and streetscape of Minnesota’s largest population base, the Metropolitan Council has released their long-range plan, DriveMSP 2140, must to the excitement of the general population. “It really […]