Author: Jeremy Hop

Jeremy Hop

Jeremy Hop

Jeremy is multi modal commuter, map geek and an urban development nerd in Northeast Minneapolis. A single father, he enjoys spending time enjoying "here", "there" and "getting there" with his two daughters, 5 and 11.

Commuter Story: I Am A Multimodal Commuter

(Editor’s Note: We asked our readers and writers for their commuter stories. This is Jeremy’s.) I’ve been a multimodal commuter in Minneapolis since 2005. I’m now 33 years old (May 12th!) and have been flipping the script on transportation for 13 years. My first house purchase was in the South Minneapolis neighborhood of Standish. I […]

April Blizzard – Struggles and Adventures!

The Twin Cities experienced a record snowfall the weekend of April 13th. Neighborhood stores closed early, MVTA actually stopped bus service on Saturday evening! Local Metro Transit Route 10 buses along Central Avenue got stuck at Broadway. A few buses also got stuck on Nicollet Mall — Social media videos show several people pushing the […]

A World Class Bike City Should Probably Enforce Laws Against Parking In Bike Lanes

Minneapolis has at times (in 2010 according to Bicycling Magazine, and in 2015 according to¬†Copenhagenize Design Co.’s worldwide index) held the title of the number one bicycling city in the United States. As a commuter cyclist, I often wonder what the number two city must feel like regarding facilities and enforcement. More often than not, […]

Fall into the (Sidewalk) Gap

This isn’t a 1970’s commercial for GAP the clothing store.¬† Its the phenomenon pedestrians experience in certain parts of our city, especially the suburbs. This particular segment of missing sidewalk has a lot in common with other gaps in sidewalk networks. It falls in a “dead zone” between ajoining municipalities. Anoka to the northwest and […]

Flooded sidewalk

Navigating the Streams of Sidewalks

Regular transit users experience the public realm in a very personal way. Instead of cruising through at 30+ MPH, transit users and pedestrians are taking in all aspects of the streetscape. This time of year, snowbanks start to recede and water starts to fill the sidewalks. If your lucky you’ll be able to slide across […]

Saturday Morning Adventure on Central Avenue

Saturday mornings in the Hop household. Contrast a typical weekday morning with an easy going day, full of relaxation and adventure. Its Saturday today.¬† Time for an adventure! Sometimes we make errands an adventure too. Ordinary daily tasks can certainly be turned into a fun time for the little ones. Imagination and mindset are the […]