Author: Mark Thieroff

About Mark Thieroff

Mark is a land use attorney in Minneapolis. He and his spouse and two sons live, shop, bike and walk their beagle in St. Paul. Twitter: @markthieroff

Traffic Control Vehicle in Bike Lane

Why is Minneapolis Putting Parking Tickets Ahead of Bike Safety?

Cars and trucks parked in bike lanes seems like one of those enforcement challenges that isn’t going to get resolved anytime soon.  Even if you bothered to call it in, the offending Uber or UPS or pizza delivery driver would be long gone by the time police arrived.  It seems that keeping bike lanes clear […]

Minneapolis Police, by Tony Webster, via Creative Commons

“Curtilage” And The Constitutional Right You May Not Even Know You Had (And Possibly Just Lost)

The lengthy list of ways that our laws and policies favor single-family residences (and their occupants) over apartments (and tenants) is long and well-known to readers. But that list has a significant new entry that has received far less attention. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes, many Minnesota tenants will enjoy less protection from […]

Accessory Dwelling Units: A Tale of Two Cities

About five years ago, interest in accessory dwelling units had reached a critical mass in Minneapolis and St. Paul. ADUs were seen by proponents as a way to increase housing diversity and flexibility and add density in residential neighborhoods. With cities around the country having already approved ADUs, planners and proponents had a wealth of […]