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Deep North Podcast – 84 Neighborhoods (Featuring Whittier)

The 84 neighborhoods of Minneapolis/St. Paul  Unique enclaves scattered with shops, parks, museums, and Universities. Boundaries are blurry but when meandering from one to another, distinct identities emerge. On this show, we stroll through one of the 84 neighborhoods that, in it’s odd uniqueness, represents one of the many eclectic corners of MSP.   […]

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Deep North Podcast – Winter Markets: How We Gather

It’s cold here. Embracing it instills community in very different ways. In this episode we visit the spaces shifting the paradigm of what it means to gather during winter.       Music by Enjoy the Cat, the Limozine Group, Zack Baltich, This episode marks the halfway point of Season 1. To hear plans for season 2 and […]

deep north podcast

Deep North Podcast – Skyway Schism: Beyond the Binary

 This week on Deep North: The climate controlled hallways that elevate Minneapolis and St. Paul humans to the second floor. The value of these skyways is a contentious issue. Some say they kill street life and hurt small business. Others see the skyways as an asset for less mobile populations, and a comfortable way to […]

Podcast #110: Cars and Phones and State Transportation Policy with Frank Hornstein

The podcast this week is a conversation with State Representative Frank Hornstein, who represents district 61A in south Minneapolis. Frank Hornstein has long been a leader in the Minnesota House on transportation issues, and is currently the ranking minority member of a whole bunch of transportation-related committees. The state legislative session is going on right […]

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Deep North Podcast – Why Minneapolis St. Paul?

Jay Walljasper (author of The Great Neighborhood Book) and Alexandra Connett (a Minneapolis transplant) make a case for a city beyond cows, cold, and Camp Snoopy.   Before moving to Minneapolis, Alexandra had no expectations for Minnesota, “Everyone was asking me why I was moving to the middle of nowhere.” Since arriving, her experience has been […]

Introducing Deep North Podcast is excited to partner with Minnesota’s newest independent podcast, Deep North, to tell stories from the food scene, the art scene, and the sidewalk scene of MSP, reimagining the city’s potential to enhance the lives of those who call it home.   “Brilliant. Just what people here need to know—to knock them out of their […]

Podcast #109: Walking Every Street in Minneapolis with Max Hailperin

The podcast this week is a conversation with Max Hailperin. Max Hailperin is fascinating Minneapolis flaneur who has been quietly walking down every street in Minneapolis over the last few years. To do it, Hailperin maps neighborhoods, figures out the most mathematically efficient route through the neighborhoods, walks every street, and then writes about it […]

Podcast #107: Minneapolis Elections Explainer with David Brauer

The podcast this week is a conversation with David Brauer, a long-time local Minneapolis journalist, all about the upcoming Minneapolis city elections where 13 city council seats and the next mayor will be decided. We sat down at Butter Bakery Café in Brauer’s beloved Kingfield neighborhood the other day to discuss the election, both the […]