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Sunday Summary – October 7, 2018

An exciting/appalling week in national politics last week complete with a visit to Rochester by President Trump. Back home in Minneapolis, the next draft of the Minneapolis 2040 Plan was released and you can read more about that below plus everything else from last week on Minneapolis 2040 Minneapolis Inclusionary Zoning Debate Kicks off […]

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Minneapolis Inclusionary Zoning Debate Kicks off at City Hall

The Minneapolis City Planning Commission held a preliminary discussion about inclusionary zoning on Thursday night. Inclusionary zoning is a requirement that new apartment construction include a certain percentage of affordable units. Until a permanent policy can be adopted, City Council President Lisa Bender wants to implement an interim policy alongside the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. […]

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Lexington Parkway Crosswalks are Unanticipated Pedestrian Plan Collateral

Who would have guessed that a new, more intentional approach to pedestrian safety in Saint Paul would lead to fewer marked crosswalks? Sounds counterintuitive, right? When Ramsey County repaved the stretch of Lexington Parkway that serves as one bookend for the Lex-Ham neighborhood, they used the city’s evolving draft Pedestrian Plan to guide their treatment for […]

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The Triplex Revision to the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan Accomplishes Nothing

It’s been a few days now since the revised “final” draft of the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan was released. Of course, anyone who’s paid any attention to this knows that the so-called fourplex proposal has been the hottest issue of the plan since its inception. The biggest revision in the new draft is that the […]

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Chart of the Day: Student Loan Debt in America, By Congressional District

Via Freedom to Prosper, an organization in favor of educational finance reform, today’s chart shows the student loan burden in America by Congressional district. The interactive version allows you to drill down by state and district, and give details on the number of student loan holders, voter turnout in the last two federal election cycles […]

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Map Monday: Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Age 60+ Years

To review: my first in the series, Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Density of People of Color. My second in the series, Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Income Less Than $50K. I also want to include Three Rivers Park District’s map for their 2030+ vision because it also is a map of Hennepin Minus Minneapolis, but instead of having demographic […]

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Sunday Summary – September 30, 2018

It’s the end of September and the beginning of a new week. Here’s the past week on Winter is coming The Winter of Minnesota’s Transportation Discontent by Chris Moseng looks at Minneapolis 2040 and comments about getting around in the winter saying, “It is not unthinkable that people might want to engage in active, non-car transportation in the […]

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Walking All the Streets of Western Holland

The Holland neighborhood is centrally located within Northeast Minneapolis. Indeed, of 13 neighborhoods in Northeast, Holland and Logan Park are the only two that are surrounded entirely by other Northeast neighborhoods. As shown by the blue tint in the route map, its western, northern, and eastern borders are University, 27th, and Central Avenues, and its […]

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The Winter of Minnesota’s Transportation Discontent

  I was reviewing the comments to the Draft Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan, and I came across an unexpected theme: That’s a weird and surprising notion. I didn’t expect to come across someone who’d suggest a popular form of winter transportation and recreation was not feasible in the winter. I continued reading… Whaaat? Well, maybe this […]

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Building a Better Frost Avenue

While I was reading through September’s issue of “Maplewood Living”, a monthly municipal newsletter, something stuck out in the proposed 2019-2023 Capital Improvement Plan being considered by Maplewood’s City Council. Next year, in 2019, Maplewood will be implementing the “Gladstone Area Phase 3 Improvements”, including reconstructing Frost Ave from English St to White Bear Ave. […]

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Minneapolis 2040 Opposition: A Look At The Signs

High property wealth and homeownership is the connecting thread among those strongly opposed to the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Strib recently reported on rumors that city planners will scale back on the nationally heralded plan to legalize fourplexes citywide. The new plan could instead allow for triplexes everywhere. This, among other compromises, shifts the […]

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National Links: A Car Free Paris

Every day at The Overhead Wire we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list.  At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the DC region.  […]

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