Minneapolis Does Not Need More Police

Lyndale neighborhood, the only place I’ve lived and known as home in Minnesota, hosts the Fifth Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department three blocks north of my apartment and garden on Nicollet Avenue. There is a community room meeting the corner of 31st Street with floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, an architectural manifestation of the […]

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Map Monday: Minneapolis Average Rents, 1934

Here’s a cool map I recently found from a 1939 Federal FHA report called The Structure and Growth of Residential Neighborhoods in American Cities. It’s very old-school urban geography, but has a bunch of cool maps including this one: Here’s part of the text, describing the rent trends in 30s Minneapolis vs. New York City: […]

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Sustainable Saint Paul? Part 2

Last month I wrote an article about the history of the Saint Paul sustainable take-out container ordinance, where it started from and where it was going as of October 2018. A quick recap: 1989: Both Minneapolis and Saint Paul created sustainable take-out container ordinances; Minneapolis started enforcing theirs right away, albeit loosely. Saint Paul’s ordinance […]

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Charlie Parr

Sunday Summary – November 25, 2018

Looking ahead – join us for winter fun and fundraising at our annual Winter Fundraiser on December 19 for food, conversation and The Theater for Public Policy – get tickets here! And looking back, here’s last week, a light holiday week, on streets.mn   The Quarterly Transit Report — November 2018 is Aaron Isaacs regular feature with updates on […]

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Walking All the Streets of Southeastern Jordan

My first day in the Jordan neighborhood featured churches, food, public art, a community garden, and a slipform paving machine. Spoiler alert: this time there was no slipform paving machine. My route began at the southeastern corner of the neighborhood, the intersection of Emerson Avenue North and West Broadway Avenue. A chain-link fence surrounded a big […]

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Here’s Some Research Backing Up Minneapolis 2040

Some Minneapolis 2040 detractors have complained that no evidence has been offered that building more housing where people want to live (i.e. “density”) is good. “I just don’t see it as a way that we would get a measurable impact, and especially from an affordability standpoint,” Ward 13 Council Member Linea Palmisano told the Star Tribune. Another […]

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Sunday Summary – November 18, 2018

Thank you all who Gave to the Max for streets.mn and to those who applied to join our board. streets.mn depends on its members, event volunteers, writers, board members, and donors to support its work. Yay!  And here’s last week on streets.mn:   Interesting journeys To the Gulf of Minneapolis by bike with Wolfie Browender. To […]

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To the Gulf of Minneapolis

July 10, 2016 Downtown, West Side 18.3 Miles I frequently look at maps of Saint Paul. Call it a “blogupational” hazard. Sometimes I’ll plan a ride with the help of Google maps. Occasionally I’ll use an official City of Saint Paul paper map. Street maps from the mid and late- 1800s to the 2010s are […]

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Walking All the Streets of Western Jordan

The Jordan neighborhood in Minneapolis’s Near North community forms a herniated right triangle thanks to the role of West Broadway Avenue as its southwestern border. In the route map, the light blue tint indicates the full extent of the neighborhood. My first day’s walk was restricted to the western tip of the triangle. The darker […]

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Mix of Single-Family Detached Houses on Chowen Ave. S.

Single Family Housing – A Waste of Space

As southwest Minneapolis takes a strong stand against density by arguing for the preservation of the “character of their neighborhood”, let’s take a look at the inefficiencies of living in a single-family house. Take me, for example. I live in south Minneapolis in a single-family house. It’s 1,800 square feet. The occupants of the house […]

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