Sunday Summary – June 25, 2017

Mark your calendars, the Summer Picnic is July 15!  You can come to Boom Island Park just for the fun or come early for an informal meeting with board members to learn what the board has been working on over the last year and to give your input on future directions (and maybe […]

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Here to There Podcast Episode 5: EMPLOYMENT | drivers

This week’s episode of Here to There looks at the rapidly changing transportation economy and the opportunities and challenges it presents for the over 5 million professional drivers (which include truck, taxi, school bus, and transit bus) in the United States. Au courant services like ride-hailing  (Uber, Lyft) and car-sharing services (Car2Go, ZipCar) are already disrupting traditional labor markets […]

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New curb being installed

Progress at Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha

The intersection of Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha is the second most dangerous intersection in Minneapolis, with the second most bicycle crashes. It is also one of the most dangerous intersections in Hennepin County, with vehicle crash rates more than two and a half times the “critical rate.” Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, and other local groups worked […]

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The Richfield South Minneapolis Home Depot

The Suburb to City Retail Subsidy

The Urban Planning “S” Words It seems in urban planning there’s no shortage of locker room talk to describe development and infrastructure you personally don’t like. For example, the epithet “sprawl.”  Some may say “I know it when I see it,” but too often it’s just an insult with no objective definition; perhaps just a […]

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We were pleased to receive responses to our Saint Paul mayoral questionnaire from Dai Thao on the eve of the city convention. 1. How do you get around in Saint Paul? Driving, walking, light rail, and biking. 2. In your opinion, what is Saint Paul’s greatest transportation challenge? How would you plan to address it […]

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The board and editorial team developed a short series of questions for Minneapolis mayoral candidates related to transportation and land use designed to give voters more information and expand the conversation about these topics. Surveys were sent to all candidates and responses will be posted as they are received.  Here are Jacob Frey’s responses: […]

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Sunday Summary – June 18, 2017

Last week, we received the first Saint Paul mayoral candidate response from Green Party candidate Elizabeth Dickinson; stay tuned for more candidates from the local elections in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul as the weeks go by. All our election-related content will be collected in our 2017 Voter Guide: candidate questionnaire responses, podcasts with candidates […]

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Wyoming is Asking the Right Questions About Job Creation

It’s no longer news that business incentive programs are controversial. A landmark New York Times investigation back in 2012 found that state and local governments gave up more than $80 billion each year to companies. Further back but closer to home, a 2008 report from Minnesota’s Office of the Legislative Auditor concluded that the now-defunct […]

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If the Center of the American Experiment Wants to Fix Congestion, They Should Fight for Telecommuting

According to a Star Tribune op-ed that’s already been heavily covered by, we’re in for a summer long bombardment of messaging financed by local partisan think tank Center of the American Experiment. Despite reams of research that argues otherwise, motorists will see billboards, bumper stickers, and radio ads proclaiming that the only way to fix […]

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NoMi Love

Hello community! My name is Angelina and I recently joined the board. I am a resident of the Northside – Near North/Old Highland neighborhood. I grew up most of my life here in North Minneapolis and I am a North High School Alumni. Go Polars! In 2015 my family was proud to make […]

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The Summer Picnic is July 15!

If my math is right, this year’s picnic will be our fourth annual. In an unusual show of organization, we are announcing this event six weeks ahead of time! Come celebrate everything we’ve accomplished since last summer (oooh, a new comment policy). Critical info is: Saturday. July 15 Boom Island Park, Shelter B Picnic – 3:00pm […]

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Tree Owl

Sunday Summary – June 11, 2017

Quite a bit happened last week: President Trump’s much ballyhooed Infrastructure Week was mostly a dead end,  UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s snap election did not go as planned, and the heat index hit 100 degrees yesterday.  A new crossposting feature on this week is a series of podcasts about getting around produced by Apparatus with the first three […]

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