My View Is Ruined But Things Are Fine

Two new apartment buildings are rising in the view from my 3rd floor Whittier apartment. I was often enamored with the landscape I could witness but now the feeling is gone, ruined by these housing units. The building immediately adjacent to mine stands six stories tall, towering over my home by two floors. It has […]

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Kitten Reading Internet Comments

We Read the Star Tribune Comments So You Don’t Have To: Minneapolis Planners Should Remember Some People Need to Drive

When controversy happens… when tempers flare… we read the comments, so you don’t have to. Having spent the last day reading all the article comments (as my job as Head Moderator in Chief), I could not get enough so I headed over to the Star Tribune is Op Ed version. Like I don’t have enough […]

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Sunday Summary – April 8, 2018

Of course, last week was April Fools’ Day, but the Summary preceded the joke. Here’s the Foolish offering from Bill Lindeke adding yet another hazard to the SWLRT process: Endangered Kenilworth Shark Another Hurdle for Light Rail Planners.   Housing How Many Homes Does Minneapolis Need? asks Anton Schieffer. Looking beyond the discussions of building affordable housing, […]

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Chart of the Day: MN-DOT Spending by Type

The 2018 “road construction projects” have been making the news this week, just in time for the last gasp of winter. There was a good comment on Facebook yesterday by a reader who broke down the spending at the state’s Department of Transportation by mode, e.g. over a billion dollars for car projects and a […]

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How Many Homes Does Minneapolis Need?

Minneapolis is growing. We’ve heard lots of talk about how Minneapolis is losing affordable housing faster than we can replace it. We say housing should be a human right (and it should!). We hear about rising rents and first-time buyers unable to find starter homes. Whether you want more public housing or you want the market […]

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Chart of the Day: 2016 US Median Net Worth by Race

Here’s a sobering chart that shows the true depth of inequality in this country. Often you see inequality measured by income, and by that accounting, our racial gaps are very large. But these gaps grow even larger when you factor in overall wealth, which reflects how income is accumulated over time. There the gap reaches […]

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Interior 2 Zoning

The Last Temptation of the YIMBY

When I heard that Minneapolis’s comprehensive plan would remove restrictions on building two- to four-unit homes in areas previously zoned R1 or R1A (including my neighborhood, Longfellow) I was thrilled. I consider the restrictions on these types of “missing middle” housing a nearly insurmountable threat to achieving Minneapolis’s population growth and sustainability goals. In addition, […]

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Utility Pole in the Sidewalk on Franklin

Map Monday: Hennepin County Sidewalks & ADA

I’ve been learning about what the Americans with Disabilities Act requires when it comes to our sidewalks. Here, I want to share my single favorite discovery. Hennepin County has an interactive online map with photo images and descriptions of every intersection, curb cut, signal actuation/beg button, and sidewalk obstruction on county streets. That map is […]

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Racism’s Effects on Minneapolis’s Parks

To quote law professor and recent mayoral candidate Nekima Levy-Pounds, Minneapolis has “the best parks system for white people.” To some, the implication that Minneapolis parks do not adequately serve people of color may sound like a surprising claim for a city whose identity is based in part around its lakes and green spaces, and […]

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Sunday Summary – April 1, 2018

Welcome to April! This is not the April Fool’s edition of the Sunday Summary, but a quick guide to what was really published on last week. Saint Paul Candidates for Ward 4: Shirley Erstad on Development in Ward 4 and Community Engagement continues Monica Milsap Rasmussen’s interviews with Ward 4 candidates in advance of the […]

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Zoning Reform and the Pace of Neighborhood Change

A few days ago, Adam Miller had a post here on debunking the idea that fourplexes mean four stories. The truth is that Minneapolis’ new draft comprehensive plan that proposes allowing up to four-family homes in currently single-family neighborhoods, would limit those homes to 2.5 stories (the “Interior 1” designation). Honestly, I am someone […]

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