Transit On-time Performance

On-time performance is critical to the success of all scheduled public transit. Assuming that speeds are competitive, fares are reasonable, service frequencies are convenient, the vehicles are clean and safe and the staff is customer friendly, the level of on-time performance can make or break ridership. The customer needs confidence that the bus or train […]

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Arguments Against Minneapolis’s Draft Comprehensive Plan, Addressed (Part I)

It seems like it’s time to take stock of the arguments being levied against ideas in the Minneapolis Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Here are some of the common themes that you might hear argued—or might be compelled to argue yourself!—and some point-by-point responses. Density Belongs Downtown (or Near the University, or…) The Draft Plan already […]

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Sunday Summary – June 3, 2018

Welcome to June, but first, a look back at the last week of May on the site: Mission Hopefully, you saw the message from the Board of — we’re in the process of updating our mission, and we’d love your input. Please click over and share your vision for, and also share […]

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Help Change and Thrive — What are your Place-Values?

Good news – is changing its mission. Since began in 2011*, we’ve had a value-neutral mission about “expanding and enhancing the conversation” around important and often-misunderstood issues like land use, transportation, and urban design. At the beginning, this value-neutrality was set up deliberately. As an organization, we don’t want to have a clear positions […]

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Walking All the Streets in Southern Folwell

The Folwell neighborhood is named for Folwell Park in North Minneapolis, not Folwell School in South Minneapolis. (This means it is indirectly named for Folwell the park board president, not Folwell the University of Minnesota president—though they were one and the same person.) So the title “Southern Folwell” indicates not which Folwell I’m writing about, but rather which half of it […]

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Dangerous Intersection: 3rd Ave & 16th St

[This post originally appeared on Our Streets Minneapolis blog as part of highlighting the most dangerous intersections Minneapolis. The author is Jesse Peterson.] The intersection of 3rd Ave and 16th St is a major interchange that users must pass through to access major downtown features. Features such as the convention center, an entrance to I-94, and the […]

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Abolish Transit Fares

  Abolish Transit Fares. Everyone stands to gain. Transit Riders will enjoy a heavier wallet. A few extra bucks every day to spend as they choose, not as they must. Service on non-rapid routes will speed up because bus drivers will no longer have to act as cashiers and security guards. Drivers, especially suburban commuters, […]

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Autonomous Cars Can Be Safe or Mass-Marketable, Not Both

You might remember a rash of people on social media becoming suddenly interested in “the Trolley Problem” a few years ago. A classic ethical thought experiment about the dilemma posed by a runaway trolley, contemporary interest in it has been revived as corporations and engineers (PDF) begin grappling with programming and design decisions that will govern […]

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The Quarterly Transit Report – June 2018

The June 6 schedule change includes some noteworthy improvements, both permanent and temporary. Route 4 Johnson Street NE-New Brighton reroute All Route 4G New Brighton buses will use 39th Avenue instead of 37th Avenue between Stinson Blvd. and Silver Lake Road. This is a classic case of diverting a route to access more traffic generators. […]

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The Death of 4-Lane Death Roads

If you don’t know about Saint Paul’s Maryland Avenue, you really should. To catch up, take a look at these past Streets.MN articles: June 20, 2016 – Maryland Avenue Pedestrian Safety Meeting Recap May 19, 2017 – So Much Depends on the Next Six Weeks on Maryland Avenue July 12, 2017 – Maryland Avenue: The […]

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