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How Do You Create Senior-Focused Transit in a Suburb?

This year, the City of Edina will debut a 1-day-a-week bus service aimed primarily at seniors. The Edina Transportation Commission is currently reaching out to senior residences and business groups in Edina to create a task force to help define the service. This task force will be responsible for setting the route(s) and stops the […]

Downzoning Does a Disservice to Minneapolitans of All Ages

I’ve walked thousands and thousands of miles with Tank in the past eight years. Probably more than half of them have been in Lowry Hill East, where I lived for the first three of those years. It’s one of the most senior-friendly areas of Minneapolis, with its commercial corridors, transit, and density of people. As […]

Otto Avenue Gets Big Bike Improvements

Last week Saint Paul completed a very short, but very important bicycle and pedestrian improvement. The one-third mile off-street path connects West 7th Street to Shepard Road and the Minnesota River Trail (MRT) Bikeway. While it does not have everything I would have asked for if Saint Paul Public Works used the “What Dana Wants” […]